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Wow, this has been a rough season for the pros on Dancing With the Stars! First Maks' knee collapsed, then Cheryl Burke had a leg injury, and last night Karina Smirnoffslipped on the dance floor.

What's going on, and what did Karina tell E! News about her very public trip-up? Plus, why did Romeo put the moves on his partner last night? Find out what the stars shared in our exclusive postshow interviews!

Playboy cover girl Karina told us about her fall, "I'm OK. I'm more embarrassed than anything else at this point." As for her partner Ralph Macchio's lightning-quick move to rescue his lady after her stumble, he explained: "Instinct, it's the only way to go."

As for the evening's other key moment, Romeo explained the kiss, saying, "I was just in character. I was watching Titanic in my trailer the whole day and I felt like Jack. What would Jack do to Rose? He would kiss her. That's what I did." For her part, pro Chelsie Hightower was delighted with their scores, saying, "Yeah, I was so excited; first 10 of the season. We were wondering who it was going to be. And it happened to be us and we were so excited." Or, as Romeo puts it: "I feel like I'm the king of the world right now."

Meanwhile, Chelsea Kane repudiated her quickstep music, telling us, "I did not not choose that song. That song, now, literally makes me want to walk on the face of the sun." Hee!

And Chris Jericho explained about his low-scoring tango: "It wasn't our best performance, but I still enjoyed it. This whole day was off. Yesterday it was like, 'Oh, we got it.' Today, the dress rehearsal wasn't good...it just happens sometimes, that's part of life, you know a live performance. We were all excited to get an 8 from Len last week, and this week were like oh [darn], an 8—because we're such perfectionists. We both felt it wasn't the best that it could have been...but we just move forward and go on from there."

Who do you think will be tops this season on DWTS? Hit the comments!

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