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What Will Princess Life Be Like for Kate Middleton? Ask This Royal Dynasty Star

William & Kate's Royal Wedding

We figured it takes one to know one.

"Basically she will be a public servant with a lot of perks," former Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg, daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia and granddaughter of Prince Paul, exclusively told E! News when we inquired about the life Kate Middleton will really be leading once she says "I do" to Prince William on April 29.

Princess Elizabeth is Prince Charles' second cousin, 1,397th in line to assume the British throne and will be attending the royal wedding.

But the London-raised Oxenberg suspects that Middleton knows what she's getting into and will handle herself just fine.

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"She's been dating William for a long time," Oxenberg says. "So I suspect she's been weaned on her royal duties over time."

Not to mention, the couple are very much in love and "she will adapt because she wants to be with him."

Oh, and there's plenty to adapt to, aside from the constant scrutiny.

"It's a fishbowl, very structured, you really have no freedom," Oxenberg, who played "secret daughter" Amanda Carrington on Dynasty, told E! News. "When I left England and announced I was going to be an actress, the Windsors stopped speaking to me. Being an actress is second to being a prostitute in that circle."

"There was a great emphasis on manners, and appropriate behavior...There was definitely a wild side to me that couldn't run free growing up in England," she added.

Happily, Oxenberg managed steer clear of major scandals over the years, minus the ones taking place on Dynasty. She was briefly married to producer Robert Evans in 1998 but now has two kids with her actor hubby of almost 12 years, Casper Van Dien.

"[Kate] most likely will not have a job," Oxenberg continued. "She will write a lot of thank-you notes, she will do a lot of ribbon cutting, she will receive dignitaries and appear on behalf of her selected charities. Basically, she will be a public servant with a lot of perks."

Emphasis on a lot.

Oxenberg attended Princess Diana's wedding ball in 1981and recalls the newlywed, whom she met for the first time that day, looking rather despondent, despite her lavish and festive surroundings.

"I went up and said hello, and I just remember looking at her and going, Why doesn't she seem happy?" Oxenberg recalled. "You would think this would be the culmination of the fairytale dream to marry a prince, to become a princess, and there was something in her face that just made me wonder if this was a woman who knows that this is maybe not a fairy tale with a happy ending. There was something in her eyes that startled me."

But even if Diana didn't always lead the happiest life, Oxenberg said, she loved her children more than anything and would adore William and Kate as a couple.

"It was Diana's one wish that her children marry for love," the actress said. "If she was here today, it would have brought her life full circle and made her own sad life worth it in the end."

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