Chelsea Handler, Roy Handler

Todd Williamson/; E! Networks

Listen up, Chelsea Handler. Another Handler family member wants his turn in the spotlight.

The funnylady's older bro and After Lately regular Roy Handler tells us he's gotten a taste of fame and likes it. In fact, he's even started planning his very own small-screen series...

"I'm gonna pitch something to Chelsea about doing a cooking show," Roy, a professional chef, told us during our exclusive chat with him earlier this week. "But it's not necessarily a cooking show, it's more of you cook but you actually converse during the whole show, not about the food, about comedy and hanging out with people. Just about everyday stories."

Sorry, Chuy, it sounds like Roy has a different kind of right-hand man in mind for the show.

"I'd have a sidekick," he said. "A nice, pretty girl sidekick."

As for this Sunday's season finale of After Lately (airing at 11 p.m.),Tori Spelling makes a special guest appearance when she tries to hire away Roy as her personal chef. And yes, Handler's famous nickname for Tori makes a return.

"There's a scene in After Lately that's coming up where she calls herself 'horse face,'" Roy says. "So she's mocking herself and mocking the s--t that Chelsea said about her."

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