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    Mickey Rourke Doesn't Know Why He Said That "Stupid S--t" About Megan Fox

    Megan Fox, Mickey Rourke Michael Buckner/ Getty Images, Steve Granitz/ Getty Images

    Mickey Rourke is blaming it on the journalist.

    "When I talked to you, I was at a party. It was loud and crowded, I was in a s---ty mood and I was trying to get rid of your reporter," the Oscar nominee tells New York magazine's Vulture blog, the outlet that first printed some rather unenthusiastic comments he made about his latest film, Passion Play, and costar Megan Fox.

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    "Mitch is one of my best friends since we were kids," Rourke added, referring to Passion Play director Mitch Glazer.

    "I loved working with him and would do it again tomorrow. I don't know why I said that stupids--t. I love Mitch, I love Megan. My bad." Even better, the film is not going straight to DVD, but will, er, enjoy a limited theatrical release starting May 6.

    In his previous interview with Vulture, he called the film "another terrible movie" and smirked when the interviewer reminded him of the glowing praise he had once had for Fox.

    Surely next time Rourke will know that dissing one of the hottest women in Hollywood whose acting skills have been called into question before is not the way to get rid of a reporter.

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