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Extended Interview: Ryan Seacrest Sits Down One-on-One With Randy Jackson

E! News anchor Ryan Seacrest sat down with American Idol judge Randy Jackson today for an exclusive, intimiate one-on-one interview about this season's front runners, the gender divide on the show and the dynamic new celebrity judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as well as a possible second save. Plus what's to come on Randy's other show, America's Best Dance Crew.

So who does Randy tip to win season 10? Find out, plus why learn why he thinks Pia Toscano's elimination might lead to a rules rewrite next year:

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Jackson told Seacrest during the exclusive sitdown: "Ryan, I think at the end of the day, two boys will be left standing. Two boys." So what is knocking out the girls so reliably this season? Jackson says, "There's a lot of young girls and young women voting. That's just what happens—they really vote more for guys than girls…And I just think the talent with the boys this year seems to be so charismatic."

When asked about the early ouster of Pia Toscano, Jackson said that her elimination might eventually become the impetus for a second judges' save: "We might need to have, in the top 13, one save, and then in the top 10—up to the top five, another save, because I felt that Pia was starting to hit her stride...I think we have to come up with some sort of system—because what we want, ultimately, Ryan, is a duel to the finish. The two best ones to be there at the end, duking it out. We had that at the end with Clay and Ruben, we've had that a couple of times, but we haven't had that every time, you know? If it comes down to the two guys I think it'll come down to, it'll be a fight to the finish, and a great fight of the finish. We need that kind of end, you know what I mean? Oh my god."

Which two guys do you think should be duking it out in the season 10 finale? Hit the comments with your predictions! 

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