Megan Fox, Mickey Rourke

Michael Buckner/ Getty Images, Steve Granitz/ Getty Images

Mickey Rourke is no longer on fire for Megan Fox.

A year after enthusiastically talking his Passion Play costar up to whoever would listen, he has judged the movie to be "terrible" and the Transformers hottie to be...meh.

Speaking to New York magazine's Vulture blog, Rourke described the gangster thriller he made last year with Fox as "terrible."

"Another terrible movie," he said. "But, you know, in your career and all the movies you make, you're going to make dozens of terrible ones."

That may be more true for some actors than others, but Passion Play was indeed relegated to straight-to-DVD status after failing to find a theatrical distributor, despite a somewhat intriguing cast that, in addition to former(?) hot commodities Fox and Rourke also included Bill Murray, Kelly Lynch and Rhys Ifans.

As for Fox, when reminded that he once called her "one of the best actresses of all time," Rourke reportedly corrected the interviewer with a smirk, insisting, "That I worked with."

Doesn't quite sound like an acting partnership for the ages, does it?

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