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    Talk Show TMI! Courteney Cox Dishes on Nip Slips, Vibrators & Hubby David Arquette's Package

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    David Letterman's giving new meaning to the term boob tube. 

    Hot on the heels of Eva Longoria's revealing visit  to the talk-show host comes Courteney Cox with some oversharing of her own. 

    During her appearance on the Late Show last night, Letterman surprised the Friends star with a paparazzi shot of her frolicking in the water in St. Barts in a skimpy bikini, where Cox admitted to a "little nipple slip."

    The Scream 4 star also continued her raunch tour today, popping into Howard Stern's Sirius radio show this morning where she talked about her sex life, David Arquette's private parts and what movie star she (shockingly) made out with.

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    First, that nip slip.

    Cox told Letterman last night she knew the paparazzi were photographing her in her swimsuit, so she "was working it pretty hard": "It became a joke, like, all right, let's see how Sports Illustrated we can get," she said.

    Cox also admitted to that she knew the "whole world" would see the boob shot.

    "I was in a wave, it came out, I put it back in," she said.

    The Friends star, who's become her own publicity machine, also shocked Stern and her separated hubby  when she revealed she hasn't had sex "in a while," loves her vibrator, and once made out with Jim Carrey.

    "My publicist is going to kill me," Cox said.

    The normally reserved Cox was completely candid during the interview, admitting that Arquette (who has been sitting in on the show all week) has the second biggest, uh, private part, she'd ever seen and talked about why she rejected him on their recent vacation. 

    "David is a great person," Cox said. "But we're so different. He likes Beacher's Madhouse and I like to stay at home."

    The newly single star admitted she's "scared" to sleep alone, has "many locks" on her doors and that the couple's 6-year-old daughter Coco sleeps in bed with her nearly every night. She denied any romance with her Cougar Town costars, saying they are just like a big family, and said she only rejected Arquette on vacation in Disney World because it wasn't the right time or place.

    "We were talking, we were laughing, it was early in the morning," Cox laughed.

    "I think that in our marriage he rebelled against me a lot," the actress said. "I'm the mother that he rebelled against—he also is completely different than me. I'm practical, he's a dreamer," she said. "As his wife it's harder for me—can't we just keep it simple? I feel I'm less judgmental."

    Cox dropped some serious bombs about them as a couple—saying before they were engaged they once had a terrible fight when Arquette "brought home two girls." She admitted that it would drive her crazy if he got together with her best pal Jennifer Aniston, saying, "That would be a good story" and warned Arquette not to try. She also revealed she had a crush on, and made out with, Jim Carrey while the duo filmed Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

    "I'm so nervous," Cox said after she maybe revealed too much and dropped numerous F-bombs. But before leaving she told Stern to "ask me anything" for his last question of the morning.

    "Who are you going to date first in your mind if you totally break up?" the king of all media probed.

    "Who do I have a talent crush on, who do I think is cute?" Cox asked. "Christian Bale. The Fighter was so good."

    "Another nightmare, completely," Arquette piped in, laughing.

    "Thanks, this was like free therapy," Cox told Stern before leaving the show.

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