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    Elephant in the Room

    Catt Sadler Catt Sadler

    Everyone had been raving about the book. If you read it, you most likely adored it. I got as far as buying Water for Elephants from iBook, but my hectic work and kid duties never quite gave me the time I needed to read it in recent weeks. I did, however, get to enjoy a Saturday night press screening of the new movie of the same name. I've always thought Reese Witherspoon was an amazing actress. Walk the Line is one of my absolute favorite movies. Twilight isn't on my favorite flicks list, but I am totally Team Edward; I was really looking forward to seeing Water for Elephants.

    I'm not a movie critic, I'll leave that to our Ben Lyons, but I am a movie fanatic. Water for Elephants was beautiful to watch. Reese has never looked more stunning. The costuming was superb. She really channeled that 1930's glamour. And Rob? Well, his face was undoubtedly designed for the big screen. Gotta be honest, I got caught up in his good looks a few times. The story though, to me, seemed a little thin. I left the theatre wanting more.

    The next day, I got to sit knee to knee with both Rob and Reese to chat about the film and attempt to get some scoop about the new bride's recent wedding. She was positively not interested in revealing any details. Rob was deliciously refreshing. I think he truly enjoyed getting to talk about something other than playing a vampire for a change.

    The highlight for me, though, was meeting Tai the Elephant. She plays "Rosie" in the movie. She is a ginormous Asian elephant who just radiates beauty and strength. (By the way, she was cared for fabulously by her trainer. The animal lover in me prodded to make sure she was being treated properly during her "press day".) Tai was kind enough to wrap her big fat trunk of love around me during our visit. If you've never been snuggled by an elephant, I tell you, it's pretty surreal.

    Water for Elephants opens April 22nd. Watch for more of my interview with Reese and Rob on E! News at 7p.m.