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    LeAnn Rimes Looks Good in a Bikini and Wants You to Know It

    LeAnn Rimes

    Oh, LeAnn, when will you learn? No one likes a skinny bitch. After addressing her Twitter haters yesterday following the release of pics showing an alarmingly thin Rimes, the singer proceeded to post her own itty-bitty bikini shots!

    If LeAnn doesn't want all the Twitter hate (which she readily responds to) then why, oh why, post pictures of yourself showing off a flat stomach and pencil-like legs?

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    The tweet that has everyone in an uproar?

    "First sun!!!!! SPRING!!!"

    But it's not just the fact that LeAnn is bragging about her newly skeletal frame, it's that she actually thinks we believe she eats the junk food she tweets about:

    "LOVE Thin Mint Cookies! I never know where to buy GS Cookies, so I'm always elated when someone I know has them! Love Thin Mints frozen!"

    "@KarlaHoffman last time we ordered pizza for the boys at our house you were there and I didn't pass it up. You've witnessed it!"

    "@KarlaHoffman @lindseyg696 you don't know me, you have NO idea what I weigh or eat, so why should you have any opinion about my weight?"

    "@KarlaHoffman @lindseyg696 I own that I am healthy and take dang goof [sic] care of my body, that's what I own."

    Ugh. Sister is not doing anything to help her cause. Where is her publicist? Someone needs to stage a photo op with LeAnn inhaling an In-N-Out burger stat! Not just tweeting about this junk.

    Then maybe she won't have to write things like "@viper4saucy I think a fat suit like the use in the movies would be fun :)"

    Now that is the photo we want to see.

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