Kathy Griffin

Fred Montana/INFphoto

First of all, credit where it's due: at 50 years old, Kathy Griffin is looking good. And seems to have found herself a nice new piece of arm candy (Isaiah who?). Now, about that moontan…

While getting some much-needed color at a Florida beach yesterday, the funny lady was pasty and proud, and while we're all for keeping it natural—well, when your skin is the same color as the sand, it kind of renders the idea of a camouflage bikini a moot point.

Still, we'll take the camo print any day, if it's a choice between that and her recent, unfortunate foray into topless bikini shots.

We have a feeling Kathy may feel the same, as the usually media-hungry comedian was quick to deny that she called the paparazzi on herself (which she's ordinarily quick to cop to).

"W/o make up on? NOPE! Hott guy tho:)" she tweeted yesterday. Hot with two "T"s? This must be serious.

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