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    Report From the Home Front: Charlie Sheen's Twins "Doing Great"

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    Brooke Mueller, Bob Sheen, Max Sheen
    Brooke Mueller, Bob Sheen, Max Sheen INFdaily.com

    Despite the ongoing custody battle and drama between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, their twin boys, Max and Bob, are doing just fine.

    "They are the cutest, happiest babies," Kathy Hilton told reporters last night at Oxygen's upfront party, "They were just sitting in the high chair and Bob had the remote. We TiVo Two and a Half Men because it's our favorite show. Bob saw something with Two and a Half Men and he goes 'Dada!'  "

    And while Kathy is BFF with Brooke, she says she's a huge fan and supporter of Charlie's as well...

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    In fact, Kathy said he would have been welcome at the birthday party she threw for the twins' second birthday.

    "I hosted the party and it's not my place to decide who to invite," Kathy told me while promoting The World According to Paris last night in NYC. "I adore Charlie! He's a neighbor of Paris' but that's kind of between them [Charlie and Brooke]. Maybe he was doing his own party so I didn't do the guest list."

    The boys' are already developing different personalities and one in particular takes after his famous dad.

    "Max is just like Charlie, where he's real serious and he looks just like him," Rick Hilton said. "Bob is more lighthearted and fun."

    But we won't be seeing the boys on the reality show. Kathy said the cameras were kept away from Charlie and Brooke's sons while they filmed the show, which premieres June 1 on Oxygen.

    One guy we will be seeing on the series? Paris' boyfriend, Cy Waits.

    "He's part of my life and we're together every day so you see that a lot on the show," Paris told me.

    During the preview that played, he was featured quite prominently, including an intense conversation they had about having kids. Stay tuned!

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