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    Caught! Jake Gyllenhaal Dines With Mystery Blonde

    Jake Gyllenhaal Hector Vallenilla/

    Despite his ex Reese Witherspoon putting a ring on it last weekend, Jake Gyllenhaal isn't crying into an order of cheese fries. He's strong.

    Gyllenhaal was spotted at trendy Locande Verde restaurant in Tribeca this weekend having brunch with a mystery blonde who, according to our fellow-munching spy, "looked like a cross between Rachel McAdams and Taylor Swift ." Jake sure does love those blondes! Or, at least, pretends to...

    "Jake was in a dark-blue pullover and jeans, and the girl was wearing a ruffled blouse and jeans," adds our source. "It was a casual meeting in the back corner booth. They were laughing and enjoying each other's company."

    We saw the accompanying cell-phone pic, which was really too grainy to publish. But one thing was crystal clear about Jake's mood: That guy gives animated private-booth face. Dude was workin' it for the blondie babe, for sure. Another ambitious male, across the country, was...

    Chace Crawford, spotted at a house party in the Hollywood Hills with his future brother-in-law and Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo. Both in baseball caps, the guys innocently chatted with friends on the patio. Well, about as innocently as Chace can do anything, that is. Also doin' the jock thing was sports fan...

    Nick Jonas, who was at the Dodgers-Giants game at Dodger Stadium on Saturday, where the JoBro and a male friend watched his team get clobbered 10-0. Bummer, huh? Less deflating were Community costars...

    Gillian Jacobs and Jim Rash eating dinner at the Son of a Gun restaurant in L.A. Of course, they sat at the community table! Totally. And building an all-female village of her own was...

    Mila Kunis, who was having a four-hour-long dinner with two girlfriends at new West Hollywood Mediterranean eatery, Fig & Olive Melrose Place. Mila, who was wearing jeans and a striped blouse, ordered the fig and gorgonzola tartlet, zucchini carpaccio, rosemary lamb chops, filet mignons and two desserts to share.

    Sorry, but Mila (who were told was "laughing and joking with her friends the entire time") has an utterly fab appetite, love it!

    Justin, better try and make this one work (as we hear you're trying to), because we say take the girl who eats over the one who doesn't any day.

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