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Idol Contestants Flee Haunted Mansion!

American Idol Michael Becker / FOX

Life of an American Idol contestant looks pretty glamorous. The makeovers, the celebrity treatment and of course, the mansion. Oh yes, that glorious mansion they've since abandoned for…a hotel?! According to Naima Adedapo, the mansion "Wasn't up to par." So what's the deal with them ditching their swanky digs? Are they getting too cool for their own good and what was the mood in the press room after the show? 

When we sat down with the top 11 after they paid homage to Sir Elton John on stage, they confirmed the mansion had a resident spirit that spooked them just a little too much! 

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Lauren Alaina told us, "Me and Pia [Toscano] were upstairs and the doors flew open. We were watching a scary movie before that and we were [already] freaked out. Me and Pia decided we were going to sleep downstairs, and James [Durbin] was making fun of us. [Then] he opens the garage door and supposedly sees a hand fall down."

"I opened the door to the garage, I was trying to freak out Pia, and it freaked me out," James told us. "I saw something white that looked like an arm."

Level headed Naima also had a ghostly encounter that convinced her she didn't need to stay another night. 

"Even though I'm a very logical person, it was a little disturbing for it to be 2:30 in the morning and the doors blow open and there's breeze and wind," she said. "I picked up this huge chair and put it in front of the door and it still blew open so it was best to leave the house."

Although Pia experienced a taste of paranormal activity she says, "That wasn't the reason we left the house." 

As funny as it would be to think the Idols were run out of the house by a ghost, it turns out their mansion wasn't as nice as TV made it out to be and the contestants weren't shy to share!

"We had leaks," Naima told us.

"The house was just kind of falling apart," Stefano Langone said. "Ants were all over my room. We relocated for a temporary thing. We're at some hotel now."

The one person bummed on hotel living is Thia Megia.

"I feel like I'm the only one who actually misses being in the house," she said. "You wake up every morning, and you have all the girls greeting you, because we all share a room. I miss seeing everyone's faces and now you don't get to see them as much."

Aside from clearing up any confusion that the Idols might be getting big heads, it was obvious the top 11 are totally tuckered out. With the judges save gone, the pressure is more intense than ever. The contestants agreed Casey Abrams was more than deserving of the reprieve, but there was no hiding the fact that the demands of the competition are beginning to take their toll. As they fielded questions, the vibrant Jacob Lusk from a few weeks ago could barely keep his eyes open or his head from resting on Paul McDonald. Thia had faint signs of dark circles nude her eyes, and Pia had tissues in hand, making us think she may be coming down with a bug that's been going around. Eek!

Backstage Scoop from Live at the Show, aka the Stuff You Couldn't See at Home:

  • On our way to interview the contestants, we spotted Desperate Housewives alum Nicollette Sheridan posing for iPhone pics with Steven Tyler
  • It was over 80 degrees in Los Angeles on Wednesday so even though it was sweltering outside, the air conditioning was cranked up so high that it was freezing in the studio audience!
  • After Pia performed, show producer Nigel Lythgoe (@dizzyfeet) stopped her on the way off stage to congratulate her on a good performance. 
  • During the commercial breaks the audience fluffer hands off the microphone to members of the audience so they can sing on the Idol stage. Painful as it may be, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson all gave them their full attention, smiles and applause. 

Do you believe the Idols were living with a ghost or was it just their imagination? Do you think they're being worked too hard? Who do you think has made the biggest change since starting the competition? Let us know in the comments!

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