Blake Lively, Chanel Ad


Blake Lively knows about being seen with a guy: Whether it's photos of her and her ex-Penn Badgley cuddling on the beach, glimpses of her at Disneyland with Ryan Gosling or a hot onscreen pairing with a very buff Ben Affleck in The Town, Lively sure keeps the rumor mill churning.

But one distinction Blake has in this arena over somebody, say, like Sienna Miller, is that she always pulls off her man moves in great, chic style.  

On that note, Blake's pretty much outdone her self, regarding her next scheduled male accoutrement:

A very well-placed source tells us exclusively that Blake will be attending this year's Met Costume Institute Gala on the well-tailored arm of Chanel's reigning king, creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

By fashion-world standards, Blake just got invited to the Oscars by Jack Nicholson. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Wow! Girl sure knows how to make an entrance, whichever coast she's on!

Blake's actually a pretty fitting choice for Karl, as she's currently the face of the Chanel Mademoiselle handbag ad campaign.

But don't think this pairing was accepted on a whim, as we have seen in the past, Lively has expert taste in the men she cares to be seen with. Girl's as crafty they come.

Now, Lagerfeld and Lively may be each other's biggest fans, but not everyone in the Chanel clan is happy with the American-born Lively representing their oh-so-chic European brand, according to some.

Still, Blake doesn't have to worry that her pretty little face will be replaced, as a well-connected fashion world insider tells us, "Karl Lagerfeld and [Vogue's] Anna Wintour are Blake's biggest fans, and with them on her side, it doesn't matter if someone else doesn't like her."

It's no secret that Wintour has taken Lively under her wing, plopping the 23-year-old Gossip Girl actress on the cover of three Vogue covers and showcasing her all over Paris Fashion Week

The insider adds that unlike 99 percent of Hollywood, "Blake doesn't use a stylist. She can pull whatever brand she wants herself and no one says no to her. Blake knows every new look on the runways and will contact brands directly if she wants to wear their clothing. She knows what works, what is fresh and does an amazing job of styling herself. Obviously, every brand isn't as open to other female members of the Gossip Girl cast."

Sums up the fashion source on Blake's rosy couture future: "When Blake shows up to the gala with Karl Lagerfeld, it's fashion gold on all levels."

Guess so. But seeing Blake in between Karl and Ryan Gosling would be even better!

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