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To celebrate the beginnings of her new solo show, Khloé and Lamar,  Khloé Kardashian Odom is shooting her mouth off about her baby-free marriage and her sister Kim Kardashian's rush to the altar. So, do you really think swinging single bro Rob Kardashian is safe from the babe?

Nope, and it's sheer, brutal honesty when it comes to Khlo disclosing her feelings about her brother's matters of the heart—and his matters in the bedroom.

Turns out Rob may have a little problem on his hands.

"[Rob] cannot keep his d--k in his pants," Khloé bitched pretty loudly. "That's his biggest problem, and until he learns that, he is constantly going to have problems."

Indeed, sassy big sis Khloé will be the first to vouch for Mr. Kardashian's sloring around.

"He tells me: ‘I have a girlfriend. I want to bring over.' I'm like: ‘You can't have a new girlfriend every day—they're still whores.' "

The fireball went on to rant that her good-looking and charming brother thinks the word "girlfriend" is the magic bullet that will get him in the business of boning in Khlo's million-dollar mansion.

"No, no you still have whores and you are too young to filter them out," she says imitating her standard, lecture-like convo with Rob. Basically:

"His girlfriends are disgusting little tramps," she puts it rather harshly.

In fact, there has even been some recent drama with one particular sloppy skank, but Khlo says we will have to wait and see the full-frontal details on the show this season. Reminds us of the last season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, no?

Newlywed Khloé has been known to kick a loose goose off her property, and trust, she'll take that trash out real quick. I mean, duh!

Plus, Mrs. Odom just does not understand why all these girls want to do Rob so badly.

"You live with your sister and somehow you got this car. That's the only thing going for him, and girls still want to bone you?" she furiously questions as though she's yelling at Rob himself. His between-the-sheets situation is obviously going to be an issue this season!

Then, the heated babe continued mimicking the moronism she feels is Rob's sex life. "‘I gotta ask my sister if you can come over,' " Khloe said, acting out the likely conversation Rob has with his girlfriends. "Like, I would leave you in two seconds. Grow up, grow a pair of balls."

Jeez. With a big sis like that, who needs condoms?

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