Janelle Evans, Mugshot

Oak Island Police Dept.

The first rule of this fight club? Don't talk about fight club—unless you're Jenelle Evans

The Teen Mom 2 star has a pretty sneaky suspicion someone very close to her instigated that her highly publicized brawl so it could be caught on tape and land her in trouble with the law.

"I think I was set up," Evans tells E! News exclusively.

So just who did the setting?

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Looks like Evans is adhering to the second rule of the Teen Mom's version of Fight Club, which is don't out the person screwing you, even if they're a close friend, as she's opted not to comment further. And for good reason—there's a criminal case against her.

The 19-year-old MTV trainwreck was arrested Sunday on a warrant and booked on two misdemeanors, assault and affray, for her role in last week's fight, footage of which surfaced on the Internet and sparked an investigation by the local D.A.'s office.

Not long after Evans bonded out of jail, her attorney, Dustin Sullivan, told E! News that his office was "trying to investigate" reports that an individual or individuals may have been scheming to capitalize on his client's notoriety.

As it turns out, he may be right.

Which brings us to Teen Mom's third fight club rule—don't out the person recording the fight unless you absolutely hate their guts and want to paint them in a bad light to the press.

An eyewitness to the scrum says that Evans may have been duped her so-called pal Brittany Maggard, who has admitted to E! News and TMZ that she played a role in starting the brutal attack following a dispute over Evans' off-on beau, Kieffer Delp.

"There were tons of people that shot the fight. [But] Brittany set her up so she could get money and fame," said a source close to Evans. According to the insider, Evans had no idea the fight was being taped until the footage emerged online.

Maggard and the alleged victim of Evans' fists of fury, Britany Truett, a teen mom herself, are also facing similar criminal charges over the incident—and both are also making the most of their time in the spotlight.

In a sit-down with Good Morning America today, Truett denied there was a set-up and declared that Jenelle "is going to pay for what she did."

Maggard, meanwhile, told TMZ that she instigated the fight by pushing Evans and that the two are no longer talking.

Even if she were targeted by a conspiracy to incite the fight and capture it on tape, the local prosecutor John David has said that she committed a crime and she has to face the consequences.

But could someone face additional penalties for setting up a crime with the intent of profit?

"I can't think of any thing that would prohibit that in North Carolina," former North Carolina prosecutor Dewey Hudson tells E! News.

Oh, did we mention the last rule of the Teen Mom fight club? If you stop watching Teen Mom, all this drama will go away.

—Additional reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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