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Lea Michele, Glee, Hugh Laurie, House, Kate Walsh, Private Practice

Michael Yarish/Fox, Carin Baer/FOX, Eric McCandless/ABC

TV can be such a fickle beast. One moment you're laughing and crying along with your favorite show, and the next week you are throwing your phone at the screen in utter frustration. After you tweet to the world that the show jumped the shark, of course.

We are savvy to your disgust and outrage toward certain shows, because hey, we read the comments and the Twitter posts and whatnot. So, it's a fair question to ask: Which show will you be deleting from your DVR after this season?

Barring a phenomenal finale, what shows have been on your DVR for awhile that you are absolutely done with after this season? We've rounded up a list of the most-complained-about series based on Twitter yelling (or "twelling," as we call it) and other feedback we've read.

After you take our poll, head down to the comments and give us the reason why you are deleting the show from your DVR. Next week, we'll post the biggest shark-jumpers and the best arguments from you guys. Now, what if the show you're sick of is not included in the poll? Write in you vote below! Just make sure to give us a great argument too. And FYI: "OMG becuz it sux!" is not a valid argument. Let the venting commence!