Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant


I can't tell you how many times people have asked me, "Jason do you ever get tired of the people you report on?"

How do I say this delicately, YES!

Lately I've had a hard time uttering the name Jenelle Evans. She's the "star" of the MTV hit show Teen Mom 2. Let me be honest, I've only watched about three minutes of the show, but that's all I need.

The series chronicles the lives of teenagers navigating their first year of motherhood. There are even reports suggesting that girls are getting pregnant just to try to get on the show.

My breaking point was a story we aired yesterday where Jenelle got into a huge fight with another girl. People were cheering her on in the background. I was stunned. This girl has been charged with a laundry list of things including breaking and entering and marijuana possession. She clearly needs help and watching someone self-destruct at just 19 years old is disturbing. I hope MTV cans the show and spends their money on getting Jenelle, Amber Portwood and the rest of the "cast" therapy….fat chance.

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