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Athlebrity Zone Brick

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It's round three of our Athlebrity Madness tournament, and the hottest stars from tennis, snowboarding and the soccer pitch are sizing up the competition as the tourney heats up. It's up to you to name the standout who effortlessly blends athletic prowess with the celebrity world, becoming that larger-than-life creature known as the Athlebrity.

How'd your favorite do? Check out the results!

Laird Hamilton, the pro surfer who ended Tiger Woods' tournament run early in round two, couldn't keep the momentum going and fell to tennis star Andy Roddick, who brought in 74 percent of the votes in their matchup.

Also on the tennis court, Roddick ex Maria Sharapova sent Enrique Iglesias' sizzling partner, Anna Kournikova, home with 58 percent. And while Shaun White squeaked past Lance Armstrong, benching the cyclist after earning 56 percent, David Beckham easily strolled past Michael Phelps, ending the Olympian's run with 63 percent of the vote.

So who's it going to be in the next round? Can Roddick continue to serve up aces? Is Beckham's superstar status enough for him to take it all? Can White and Sharapova make it through to the finals? Vote now! And be sure to follow all the action on Twitter @eonlineSports.