Don't ever bet against a little guy with a big heart.

Though Iron Man and Thor may have the money and the muscles, Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger is all about the incredible power inside a single person—and how awesome that power can be when it's augmented by a jolt of crazy comic-book superserum.

So what's the best thing about this new trailer?

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Plenty: Brawny star Chris Evans is transformed into a scrawny, pre-upgrade Steve Rogers, the guy who wants to fight the Nazis during World War II but is just too puny to do it. And holy mackerel, that's tough-talking Tommy Lee Jones talking tough to some potential human experiments, while the wonderful Stanley Tucci plays the droll, not-so-mad scientist who hopes to make super soldiers to combat Hitler's blitzkrieg.

While we know period-piece superhero tales are a tough sell—The Phantom, The Shadow or The Rocketeer, anyone?—this trailer suggests our high hopes for this flag-waving flag-wearing hero aren't misplaced. It's got all the stuff of a great popcorn movie: inspirational heroes, scrappy dames, crazy science, awesome battles, cool gadgets, a bullet-proof shield and the evil Red Skull, played by Hugo Weaving with face-peeling panache.

Where do we sign up for duty?

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