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Parks and Recreation: How the Cast Celebrated the Renewal News

Parks and Recreation Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Unlike its sister Thursday-night comedy shows The Office and Community, Parks and Recreation was wrapped on season three when they got the news they'd be getting a season four. So, the cast wasn't really all in one spot when the thumbs-up for renewal came through.

Read on to hear from executive producer Mike Schur how his cast celebrated, and get a preview of tonight's "Camping" episode...

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"We're all absolutely thrilled that we get to make another season, but since we're not shooting right now, we all had to celebrate by ourselves," Schur tells us. "Nick Offerman ate an entire cow. Aziz Ansari had a rap battle with Drake, and won. Rashida Jones was so happy she spontaneously appeared on the covers of 100 magazines. Rob Lowe ran a three-minute mile. Chris Pratt wrote a song about how Nick ate an entire cow, and then he also ate an entire cow. Aubrey Plaza was so excited she nearly smiled. Adam Scott played a round of Russian Roulette with a group of athletic Finns in matching sweatsuits (he's into some weird stuff). And Amy Poehler celebrated by getting head-to-toe plastic surgery, and now looks like Channing Tatum."

We are 92 percent sure that he made all those up. But something might be kind of true. We're thinking the Adam Scott one.

Parks and Recreation Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Tonight's episode, "Camping," is set right after the Parks Department's triumphant victory at the Harvest Festival. All eyes are on them, and Leslie is totally calm and focused. Except the opposite of that. Leslie needs the next great idea, so she takes the whole department on a camping trip. Who here thinks all goes well?

If you missed Rob Lowe last week, you'll be happy to hear that Chris returns to Pawnee in this episode. And his first encounter with Ann is two things: awkward and awkward.

Hoping for a sweet Ben and Leslie moment? Who isn't? Those two are all kinds of adorable, and after Ben pulls himself away from Tom's tent, he once again finds himself under the spell of Leslie Knope. Wait, why is Ben in Tom's tent? Because Tom goes camping by combining the great outdoors and SkyMall. You can imagine what kind of camping "gear" he brings.

Andy and April try and turn the camping trip into something romantic, but that goes south. And in this case, one of them literally does go south.

Celebrate Parks and Recreation's renewal the normal tuning in tonight for "Camping" and enjoying the hijinks.

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