Christina Aguilera Twitter

Christina Aguilera is inviting all her fans to come on over.

To her spankin' new Twitter account, that is.

"Here goes my first Tweet! Brace yourselves… So excited to connect with all my fans here. xo - Xtina," read the songbird's inaugural tweet. (E! News verified the account earlier today.)

Well, @TheRealXtina, who had more than 35,000 followers before she had written one word, we're so excited for you to start connecting, too!

Our likes include big reveals, baby pics, album scoop and fun fashion photos, while our dislikes include mindless feuding, ranting, and incoherence. But don't worry, we'll still follow you on whichever route you choose to take.

(Originally published March 22, 2011, at 7:03 p.m. PT)

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