Rainn Wilson


When it comes to shameless self-promotion, the more shameless, the better. Which is one of the many reasons we love Rainn Wilson.

Currently, the Rainn Mann is on an all-out assault mission to pimp his goofy-looking new flick, The Rocker. To that end he claims to have kidnapped his Office coworker Jenna FischerPam Beesly (and her MySpace!) and says he won't release her until we see the movie.

But he promises that, "As soon as the film grosses $18.7 Mil, she will be released and given a peach smoothie."

Usually, when people promote this hard, it means the movie's a stinker, but we're giving Rainn the benefit of the doubt because he seems like a special case, if you know what we're sayin'...

Read the full, hijacked MySpace blog here.

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