Zooey Deschanel, Twitter


If we have to spend the next 500 days clearing this up, we will.

After all, we absolutely love, love, love ourselves some Zooey Deschanel around here, so we couldn't help but read with dismay her reaction to our post this weekend about her new Lasting Finish Lipstick ad for Rimmel London.

"@eonline - um... what happened to your face, eonline? RUDE!!!," the actress tweeted on Saturday after we had pointed out that the gorgeous gal seemed to have fallen victim to just a wee bit too much retouching, thus depleting the completed image of all the wonderful features that make Zooey Zooey.

But maybe it's just us...

Zooey Deschanel

Rimmel; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

So here, once again, is the finished product, along with a shot of Zooey looking the way we know and love her for all of you to judge.

Mind you, either way, we think she's beautiful.

We just can't figure out why, when handed the perfect canvas to work with, simply adding the lipstick wasn't enough.

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