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Dear Joan:
I hope you can help—what is vintage? When a star shows up in a vintage gown, does that mean the actual dress is from years ago, or just the style? And how many years back does it have to be to be called vintage? Thanks.
—Anne S.

Dear Vintage Vamp:
That's such a good question! I asked our style expert George Kotsiopoulos last week and he sets vintage at 25 years old. But then there's couture, like the 2008 Chanel dress Blake Lively wore in Paris, which technically isn't vintage yet, but it is timeless so you can wear it whenever you want. It's a fine line because with so many designers recently retiring or passing away, more current work by these celebrated designers (such as Valentino) are being considered vintage, Cameron Silver told me. (He owns L.A.'s most popular celebrity vintage boutique, Decades.) He estimates an authentic vintage gown is at least 15 years old. Which makes me vintage any way you look at it.

Dear Joan:
Why is it when the ladies wear gowns without a bra they don't wear nipple covers? A recent example is Gwyneth Paltrow in that sleek silver dress. What is your opinion: cover the nips or not? Love you, Miss Rivers!

Dear Nips Nudger:
Cover them up! I thought Gwyneth looked gorgeous in Calvin Klein, but I agree, if you're not going to wear a bra you need to keep the headlights covered.

Dear Joan:
I have just recently moved to a tropical climate and have noticed that many of the local women are guilty of "toe overhang," i.e. their toes hang over the edge of their shoes. Can you please make a shout-out to these women to "Make It Stop!"

Dear Sunny Sleuth:
Request granted! Ladies, please buy a bigger size shoe if your toes are hanging over the edge. And it's not just in your neighborhood. In fact, Blake Lively did the same thing at the Chanel event I referred to earlier. She could have any shoe she wanted, but she chose Louboutin sandals that were too small and her toes were hanging over the edge. How tacky!

Dear Joan:
Hello, I love you guys. You are amazing at knowing what's good and what's ugly. You make me laugh so much. Keep doing what you are doing. My problem is, I am very pale and I do my hair a dark color. I look even more washed out with lighter hair. My question is, how can I make my skin tone look warmer without tanning or spray tanning?

Dear Casper:
Thank you. Have you considered a tinted moisturizer? That would give you some warmth and color without the commitment or potential streaks of sunless tanner. And then finish your face with a little liquid shimmer for even more glow.  

Dear Joan:
I would like to know what can a medium-large, 23-year-old girl wear to meet her future in-laws for the first time :) Hope to hear from you ‘cause I'm really lost!

Dear Dating Dilemma:
I don't think size has anything to do with it. It all depends on what kind of impression you want to make on your future in-laws. A knee-length pencil skirt or pretty wrap dress says, "I can't wait to call you mom and dad." Anything ripped, dirty or slutty tells them, "I'm stealing your baby boy and there's nothing you can do about it." Good luck!

Dear Joan:
I love watching your show. How can I get tickets to a taping?

Dear FP Fan:
Thanks for asking. For tickets, email the office at to find out how to be added to the weekly invite list, which includes all the information you need for attending tapings.

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