James Franco, Annapolis, Bring it on Again, Derek Luke, Glory Road

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Athlebrity Zone Brick

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March Madness is here, the annual apex of college sports excitement, time for underdogs, buzzer beaters and lost causes who go from zero to hero with the bounce of a ball.

In Hollywoodspeak, it's Big Game time! So along with our office pool, we filled out a list of classic (if cheesy) Big Game movies we think are great, or are at least so-bad-they're-good.

Now, Big Game movies don't vary much: there's a loner-hero, a love interest and a rival, and a Big Game on the horizon. Cut to—training montage!

When the Big Game arrives, so does the Other School, which only recruits great looking, super mean kids. Usually, it's Harvard. There's an early setback, but with teamwork and a lot of heart...well, its March Madness, so you know the rest.

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