Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan is back in her native New York and has wasted no time hitting the town.

On Wednesday night, the troubled star hit a slew of hotspots including SL Lounge and 1Oak—but (and it's a big "but"), witnesses swear to me that LiLo wasn't drinking.

No drinking...No smoking...Did she really leave all her baggage back in L.A. and are we seeing a new Lindsay?

Lindsay Lohan

"I've spoken to her and she seems to be in a really good place," a friend of Lindsay tells me, "I think it's good for her to be in New York as opposed to L.A. She went out Wednesday night to have a good time. She was dancing. I think it showed she can party without partying."

A witness to Lohan's Wednesday night says, "She was hanging out with a bunch of friends. She knows the owners so she went to see them."

Last night, it was a Lohan family affair as Linds hit the Knicks game with sister Ali and brothers Cody and Michael.

"With my brothers and my sister at the Knicks game!!! go knicks!! love their green uniforms for st patricks day!" she tweeted, along with a pic from their sweet seats.

At last night's game, Linds was sporting some jewels she actually bought herself. The actress was wearing $70 RichRocks earrings to the game, which a source confirms she purchased and paid for. (Added bonus, 20 percent went to Japan relief efforts.)

Is someone finally learning her lesson? It's about time!

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