Miley Cyrus, Bret Michaels

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Miley Cyrus' rose still may bloom after all.

Back in October, Bret Michaels told me that the teen queen's much buzzed-about cover of Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" would be the second single released off her then new album Can't Be Tamed.

Then the celeb tabloids came along and ruined everything by claiming that Michaels was having an affair with Cyrus' mom, Tish.

However, I'm happy to report that...

Michaels just told me that "Every Rose" will likely be released later this year.

"The record label was supposed have to this huge humongous release of 'Every Rose,'" the rocker said. "It was going to be Miley's next-step song, but because of that, they stepped back.

"It really bummed me out," he said. "I worked hard on that."

Michaels said it will likely drop while Poison is on this road this summer touring with Mötley Crüe and the New York Dolls. "I think this is the song that will cross her over," he said. "If it happens, it's going to be a big hit."

In the meantime, his daughters, Raine and Jorga, have also recorded a cover of "Every Rose" for Kidz Bop, the entertainment company that releases albums featuring kids singing family-friendly versions of Top 40 hits. "You know, not everything I do is for my career," Michaels said. "I had a great time doing this. I had fun in the studio with my kids. I played guitar on it. They did an amazing job."

As for his health, he says he was briefly sidetracked when meds he'd been taking after his most recent heart surgery had some nasty side effects. "They just made me feel sick," he said.

Today? "I had really strong faith that it would all turn out for the best," he said. "So far, it's been pretty good."

In fact, Michaels performs this weekend in Phoenix at Celebrity Fight Night, the annual gala benefiting St. Joseph's Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center. St. Joseph's happens to be the same hospital where Michaels was treated for his brain hemorrhage and heart condition.

Now that's what giving back is all about. Way to go, Mr. Michaels.

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