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Athlebrity Zone Brick

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Batter up! Our big Athlebrity Madness tournament is in full swing. Yesterday we asked you to vote for the football star at the top of their game, on and off the field, and now we're heading out to the baseball diamond.

Today's sports stars spend just as much time dazzling us on the playing field and as they do in the world of pop culture, expertly blending into that powerful figure known as the Athlebrity. So in the world of baseball—where a new season is just about to get started up—who best meets that description? The choice is yours:

Will it be Yankee star Derek Jeter, who's been a staple on the celeb party scene for years? Or maybe Alex Rodriguez, the star who can't stay away from Hollywood A-listers? Or could it be Matt Kemp, who made headlines with his steamy Rihanna hookup? The decision's in your hands.

Check out this round of 16 baseball Athlebrities and vote for your faves. The top eight will advance to the next round. And don't forget to follow all the action on Twitter @eonlineSports!