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    Even Jake Gyllenhaal Is Confused by the Source Code

    Being a good actor requires that an individual be able to express a gamut of emotions with just a look. Sadness, anger, surprise—it takes a mastery of expression for these emotions to be conveyed in a glance.

    In today's lesson, we're taking a look at the first five minutes of Source Code, where star and internationally recognized good actor and Hollywood sex symbol Jake Gyllenhaal shows us how to communicate "confusion" using only one's brow, jaw and eyes.

    Check it out...

    First a refresher. Jake plays Captain Colter Stevens, and with the help of a military supercomputer called the Source Code, he's able to go back in time and inhabit another person's body for the last eight minutes of life. Naturally, this is all in the name of national security as Stevens is sent to investigate a bombing on a Chicago commuter train in order to gather clues to stop a future attack.

    Confused yet? It's OK, because as we can see in this new clip, so is Jake! He wakes up on the train and clearly has no idea what's going on. It even seems like his ability to process the English language has been hijacked.

    At first it may seem a little over-the-top, but quickly, thanks to those acting skills Jake is known for, we start to feel his confusion, his anxiety. All of a sudden we find ourselves right there with him, right on the cusp of yelling, "What's going on!?" Even costar Michelle Monaghan is feeling it. And the man gets us there in fewer than five lines of dialog. Impressive.

    Check out the clip above and tell us what you think. Does this clip have you using only the edge of your seat? Source Code hits theaters April 1.

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