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UPDATE: Reports on this so-called "vampire" movie are getting fuzzier by the minute. An unamed producer for the film has spoken out to the Hollywood Reporter, saying: "Firth is optimistic about taking the role in Park's film. But unlike some media reports, it is untrue that Stoker is a vampire film."

Vampires are everywhere, sure. You know that. But now one of Hollywood's hottest stars, fresh off an Oscar win, is getting in on the action.

So is Natalie Portman sticking with the dark drama that won her accolades? Christian Bale, without a doubt, has the potential to be a fantastic creature of the night, right? Or perhaps it's a veteran thesp like Melissa Leo or Colin Firth?

Who's getting in touch with their inner dark side?

Colin Firth

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Colin Firth!

Yep, after pocketing Best Actor for this role in The King's Speech, the celebrated British actor is branching out into the world of nefarious predators.

Firth is reportedly starring in Korean director Park Chan-Wook's English-language debut, Stoker (name sound familiar?). And just in case this isn't random enough for you already, the film was written by Prison Break star Wentworth Miller.

That's right, the guy we know and love for having a body tattoo of a prison blueprint sat down and gave the vampire thing a try...and pulled it off, as Firth isn't the only big-name star getting in on this flick. 

While plot details are thin at this point, the film will costar fellow Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman, reportedly as a mother who, following the death of her husband, ventures out with her daughter (Alice in Wonderland's breakout star Mia Wasikowska) to reunite with his brother, who's rumored to be a vampire and linked to people mysteriously disappearing.

Also, if you've seen the director's other movies (notably OldBoy), fangs or no, it's clear this could be a bloody affair.

True, the world might be suffering from vampire overload at this point, but when actors of this caliber team up, it's an indication all the pieces might come together nicely.

What do you think? Are you turned off at the idea of another vamp flick, or is this cast enough to get you excited?

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