Miley Cyrus

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No, that's not Lindsay Lohan making a wobbly exit out of L.A. hot spot Chateau Marmont, but Miley Cyrus!

The 18-year-old singer arrived at the hotel near 1 a.m. Saturday night and was snapped looking less than stable. The always fiery young babe was being held up by a friend when she left around 3 a.m.

Drinking a little too much sparkling cider in there, Ms. Cyrus?

Actually we're sure it's just the bright flashbulbs that have M stumbling.

Guess Miley must have missed our piece last week where we suggested she pull a Demi Lovato and take a little time out of the limelight (the party scene, included).

The star has been going through a lot, what with her salvia scandal, her parents' divorce and working like crazy. Does she deserve to let loose a little?

Let's just hope it's in a PG way.

Miley has way too much talent (you forget, she really does have talent) to go the Lindsay Lohan or Christina Aguilera party-and-career route.

What do you all think: Is Cyrus pushing it with her 3 a.m. call time, or should we give the kid a break?

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