Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, Liam McDermott, Stella McDermott

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Charlie Sheen's kids weren't the only celeb offspring who had birthday parties this weekend.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott threw a fourth B-day bash yesterday for son Liam.

Read on for the slimy details, plus why friends and family still think Tori may be pregnant again...

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The party, which took place at Spelling and McDermott's L.A.-area home, had a Ghostbusters theme. Every kid was given a little faux slime machines that shot silly string. "The party was pretty cool," one guest tells me. "Everything was in green, the tables, balloons and a lot of the food."

There was face painting, a haunted house, a slime machine, an inflatable jumping machine and novelty cookies.

Guests, who were invited via the online service Cocodot, also enjoyed burgers and fries from Fatburger.

"I remember 4yrs ago right now wasN labor awaiting my baby Liam Aaron McDermott," Spelling tweeted on Saturday night. "Knew I'd soon know luv like nevr B4. Made my dreams come trU."

And then there was the lingering question about Tori possibly being pregnant. Her big flowy patterned loose-fitting dress had party guests wondering if she was expecting. Even Spelling's mom, Candy, said to her daughter, "Everyone keeps asking if you're pregnant."

There's no official word yet, but we'll be watching!

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