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    "Severely Unnerved" Rose McGowan Keeps Freaky Fan Away

    Rose McGowan Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

    Rose McGowan can now rest a little easier. At least until March 2014.

    Just a couple of weeks after obtaining a temporary restraining order against a less-than-secret admirer, the former Charmed star was granted a much longer-lasting one by a judge in L.A. on Friday.

    Louis S. Santo III was not only ordered to stay away from McGowan for the next three years, but the Connecticut man also must not try and contact her—something that got him in trouble in the first place when he began "bombarding" McGowan's staff and agent with threats if they didn't arrange for him and the actress to meet, per court docs.

    "His constant calling and threats have severely unnerved me and members of my staff as well as my family," McGowan stated in an affidavit.

    McGowan and Santo did not attend today's court hearing. Which was probably a good thing.

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