Now that we know for sure that Rob Lowe isn't going anywhere, let's all take a deep breath and focus on what's really important here: which guest star did Chris Pratt label a "huge asshole""?

And he wasn't the only one fed up with a certain someone's diva antics. We hit the 28th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival and got all the dirt on the nasty guest star, the all-important "Harvest Festival" episode, and the future of our favorite Pawnee people...

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The Harvest Festival is sink or swim time for the Pawnee Parks Department, so Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) manages to snag Indiana's hottest celebrity. And it's not Peyton Manning.

The star of the Harvest Festival is a mini-horse named Little Sebastian, and while the cast adores him on camera,off camera…not so much.

"Oh my god, Little Sebastian was a huge asshole. So mean. Just like, entitled, do you know what I mean?" Chris complains to us. "He wanted a huge trailer, was eating all the craft services all the time, just very unprofessional," Aziz Ansari adds, "Maybe Little Sebastian can start a web series with Charlie Sheen?"

Enough about that little diva. Let's get a couples forecast from the cast:

Ben and Leslie: "They are getting to know each other slowly but surely, and Ben is deciding if he is going to stay and be part of this town or not," Amy reveals. "If you're a fan of the two of them, then you're going to enjoy this season." Executive producer Michael Schur also promises some interesting Ben-Leslie developments. "Leslie has had her head in the sand a little bit because she has been working on this project," he tells us.  "She has been a little bit blind to the fact that very obviously Ben is interested in her and once the project is over, when she wakes up from her deep sleep, she picks up on that. The second half of the season on a personal level is about her and Ben slowly kind of circling each other."

Rob Lowe, Park and Recreation

Danny Feld/NBC

Chris and Ann: "We're forced into the same circles. It's going to be very awkward," Rashida Jones says about her unfortunate breakup with Rob Lowe's character. "I am very much taking advantage of being single and dating a lot and claiming my independence in a way that I haven't ever on this show." Don't lose hope for these two just yet, though! "There is still a little Chris-Ann intrigue," Rashida teases.

Andy and April: "I think they really love each other," Chris tells us about the Parks Department's most unbalanced couple. "And I think that they react in a way that a lot of young girls and not-that-young guys act when they are in love, which is to do stupid funny s--t." In the "Harvest Festival" episode, look for a moment so sweet, Andy responds with, "Awesome sauce!"

Ron and Tammy: "A very dangerous woman shows up in the season finale," Nick Offerman warns. And no one is more dangerous than his ex-wife, played by Nick's actual wife Megan Mullally. Sounds like Ron and Tammy: Part Three to us.

Confident in the future of your favorite Pawnee love matches? Or are you only concerned with what other asinine invention Tom is going to come up with? We've got that info covered in the video below, plus more Rob Lowe and Charlie Sheen talk lest you feel deprived.

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