Things do fall apart—for Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson that is, in the new film where he stars as a cancer-stricken high school football player.

Jackson not only wrote, produced, and financed the low-budget project himself, but he also whittled down to nearly nothing'—losing 54 pounds for the role.  We applaud the dedication, absolutely, so it's too bad that this "unofficial" trailer making the rounds today packs so many clichés and awkward pauses into a mere two minutes:

And coincidentally, Fiddy hopped on the donating-money-from-Gadhafi bandwagon the same day this teaser drops.  

Now, from the looks of this trailer, we say you might be better off spending your 50 cents on a cheeseburger. And maybe this trailer doesn't do it justice. Because Fiddy made the movie for the right reasons, basing it on a close friend who passed away from cancer. Which is why he felt so passionately about the story.

We love you for that Fiddy, but you should have enlisted the help of some experts for this flick! Ray Liotta? You'd think the Vitamin Water mogul could call in some other favors for his passion project.

Again, we're pulling for this flick, but these glimpse at cheesy football scenes, melodramatic performances, and Nelly's "Just A Dream" in the background all remind us why few celebs can truly crossover between film and music.

But Fiddy, don't let this get you down! With tons of hits in the past you're sure to make a comeback. We just sorta hope it's in the studio. And let's leave the dramatic weight loss for Christian Bale.

What do you think?

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