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We'll get to Michelle Rodriguez's problem with "protein-shake farts" in a moment, but first we must discuss Avatar 2.

Ms. Rodriguez made quite the splashy headline news the other day when she revealed that James Cameron will be shooting the sequel underwater.

At the same time, she said she has no idea if she'll be asked back to reprise her role as Trudy Chacon.

So has she heard from Mr. Cameron since then? Read on to find out...

"No, I haven't," she told us last night at the premiere of her new action flick Battle: L.A. "I'm still waiting."

But she definitely hasn't lost hope. "Please," she said, "I'd serve that guy coffee if I got paid for it."

As for Battle: L.A., Rodriguez says she ended up taking a lot of soothing salt baths. "My knee popped out of place a couple of times because I have no ACL," she explained. "You have 30 pounds of gear and then on top that you've got your gun and there's a lot of running around...[And] I did get the butt of the gun in my teeth a couple of times."

She laughed, "Thank God, it didn't ruin the veneers!"

Rodriguez also happened to be one of the few women on set. "It's awesome," she said about filming with so many men. "But I could do without the protein-shake farts."

Please don't tell us Battle's hunky male lead Aaron Eckhart is guilty of having said offensive flatulence. "No, no, no. No, he didn't," Rodriguez assured us. "But a lot of the other boys did."

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