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Those hoping for a traveling circus of porn stars, strippers, goddesses and alpha male sex talk by Charlie Sheen may be disappointed. Sources close to the Charlie Sheen Live tour tell E! News that the proposed road show would be less Howard Stern and more Broadway-esque.

"Charlie wants to appeal to a broad audience, which reflects his fan base," says an insider with intimate knowledge of the plans. "He has more female fans than males. His show would be pro-woman."

So just what will the show entail?

Sheen's warlock masterwork is still in the design stages and promoter/producer Live Nation isn't commenting, so details are still sketchy. But here's what we've been able to learn about the ever-evolving trek:

  • It wouldn't be just Charlie. He would surround himself with "a cast of characters" and play off them—comedians, actors, random people in his life. There is talk of even having a moderator. "Charlie is at his best when he has a foil, or someone on which to target his rage."
  • No strippers. He wants it to be mainstream and to be about fun for all his fans, especially women. To Charlie, says our tour source, "women are goddesses. That would come out in the show."
  • It would show off his acting. Some of it would be scripted, set comedy pieces that play off his "winning" obsession. "Charlie's a great actor. He would most definitely act."
  • It would be interactive. "He has a lot of ideas for interacting with the audience. Getting them on stage, letting them ask questions. It's all about letting fans be a part of a celebration of winning in life."
  • There would be a merch table. He would sell T-shirts and other random stuff at venues.
  • Yes, "winning" would be in the title. "A title for the show hasn't been picked yet, but obviously the working title is "Winning!"
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