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Kate Middleton in Burberry: Safe & Cake-Flippin' Hot

Princess Diana, Kate Middleton Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images; Arthur Edwards/The Sun/Sipa Press

In honor of Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day, Prince William and Kate Middleton made a surprise snack-stop in Belfast, Northern Ireland today to work the crowd—and their pancake-flipping skills.

But what's yummier than the traditional treat is Kate's choice of not-so-fussy attire: a $995 standard double-row buttoned, buckle-belted Burberry trench coat, with a slightly flared hemline. Très chic.

The princess-to-be is choosing classic style over the fancier fashion outbursts Princess Diana was known for, and royally scrutinized for. So, could there be more to Kate's careful closet picking than just personal style?

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William Hearts Kate! Royal Romance

I mean, she even settled with a pair of basic black pumps and tights!

Di would have gone all out: bright colors, big hats, and feathers galore. Even if she was the original "people's princess," that woman was a stand-alone fashion statement. And it wasn't just about the '80s and '90s fashions Diana had to choose from, it was more about Di being determined to make her own couture statements, Buckingham Palace advisors be damned.

Quite the opposite of cunning, fashion-prancing Kate, who was greeted fans and well-wishers while looking almost like one of them. She's not trying to stand out one bit, and we're kind of into it.

Royal insiders agree that it is refreshing to see how sensitively Kate—who, admittedly, still knows how to make this low-key look appear pretty sexy—is playing down her designer duds.

"The Palace likes her," insists a Buckingham Palace veteran, "and they're letting her do her own thing right now, because she's trusted."

Then again, could this trench be a fashion ploy to please those royal hawks?

Either way, there's no surprise that a spokeswoman for Burberry had confirmed the British luxury designer was very pleased Middleton chose their trendy trench.

Maybe the commoner (until April 29, at least) will become the next face of the beige-and-plaid empire? Could up her fashion game up, for sure!

Remember though, as simplistic as Kate's fit looks, it's still basically a thousand dollars worth of thread count.

But as long as she isn't flaunting it, those royals won't be bitchin'.

Keep up the smart dressing, and thinking, Kate!

(Until you decide to rebel, that is.)

VIDEO: Check out Kate's flapjack flipping!