Scott Disick, KKTNY

The bespoke badboy of Kourtney & Kim Take New York fame, Scott Disick, is up to his old tricks. Thankfully, this time it doesn't involve uppercutting or over imbibing. But it may, indeed, involve tricks. Sort of.

In this Sunday's episode of his ladyfriend Kourtney Kardashian's reality show, the dapper dude known for his, um, distinctive sartorial style, needs some new threads, so he hits Manhattan's hottest haberdashers in search of some new plumage.

Will it be a smoking jacket? An ascot? Or maybe a walking stick? Hmmm ... yeah, that's it! That's just the touch he needs. After all, Disick tells his shopping pal proudly as he perfects a cocky new walking-stick strut, "My great granddaddy was a ..."

Well, see for yourself.

You've got to hand it to the guy, he's a man of style. Even if we can't really tell just what style. What do you think of the D-man's accoutrement?

Scott's Pole Poll
Is Disick's cane a stylish stick or just silly shtick?
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