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Uh-oh. Season five Army Wives premieres Sunday on Lifetime, and we're worried that one of the Army husbands is not going to be around much longer. To be specific, we don't have a great feeling about the long-term prospects for Pamela's (Brigid Brannagh) husband, Chase Moran, the Delta Force badass who is often away from his wife and kids for months at a time. We called up Jeremy Davidson, the actor who plays Chase, and he didn't exactly reassure us that the sergeant is in the clear. In fact, he revealed some great news about wife Mary Stuart Masterson that suggests might want to spend some more time with his family:

Davidson is staying tight-lipped about exactly what goes down, but there obviously is a twist coming up for his character. He says, "[What happens is] not necessarily the season premiere but I would definitely say there is something very significant that happens with Chase in the course of the season." And when we asked him what keen-eyed fans should most look out for in the coming episodes, Davidson told us, "I long Chase is around. That's probably all I can really say."

He also told us that he's got a big development happening with wife Mary Stuart Masterson: "My family life at home in Brooklyn is becoming [more involved]—we're actually pregnant with twins. We are four months along. So balancing career and family is becoming increasingly challenging for me…and in five months we are going to have three kids under the age of two. We are in happy shock about it." Congratulations, and also, yipes! (Dear readers, if you have experience raising twins, post your best advice and wisdom in the comments!)

When we talked more about Chase and his history with the show over the past four years, he referred to the part in the past tense, but with great grace and much gratitude for the opportunity, saying, "I have had the best of both worlds really, it's been an ideal job, it's a great group of people that work on Army Wives, and it's been a really great privilege to meet a lot of the army families themselves, the Army has opened its arms to the show. And at the same time, I have been able to do other projects and explore other opportunities—because you never know as an actor. You have to go from job to job and you cannot take it for granted." Actors are like sharks! They have to keep moving!

"That's it," agrees Davidson. "You want to keep feeling inspired, and the show focuses really on the women, with all respect to Sterling [K. Brown]. They have been really good to me and allowed me to do other things...and it's been great."

If Chase is done for as a character on the show—and to be fair, no one's saying for sure that he is—we asked Davidson what he thought Chase's fatal flaw was, all things considered. Davidson told us, "I think the worst is all the pride that Chase has in being man of the house, even though Pamela has to deal with the kids and run the family while Chase is away. Just his pride from being an elite guy within the army, and being driven to be the best. Delta is full of guys who are remarkably independent within the army structure and who are able to make their own decisions on the battlefield, and after being in that environment for so long, to come home and be a part of a family unit is not an easy thing."

As for Chase's troubled relationship with firecracker Pamela, "I think that Chase came to the decision at the end of last season to sort of beg her to take him back, because he recognized how difficult it is to be alone—and war definitely puts that perspective for many people. I think he was afraid of losing his family. He has just reached a point where he is willing to take a step back in his career and whether or not she wants to do that is up to the writers. But Pamela is such a strong character, and I think they're a really good match for each other. Guys who are strong-minded often need women who are more strong-minded if they're going to survive."

So what do you think? Death, divorce, disability or none of the above? Share your thoughts on the premiere of Army Wives in the comments, as well as posting your congrats to Mary Stuart Masterson and Jeremy Davidson on their rapidly growing family!

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