Red Skull, Captain America

Jay Maidment/Marvel Entertainment

Super-secret serums that turn puny weaklings into models of the human form are tricky things.

For every experiment that transforms a Steve Rogers into a Captain America—which turned out pretty well—there's a tale of things going horribly, horribly wrong.

Just take a look at Red Skull. But clearly he's taken his misfortune and channeled it into serious villainy. Let's just run down the checklist of things necessary for one to be an appropriate nemesis: Ominous stare, check. Strappy leather outfit, check. Sinister logo incorporating your own head with the body of a six-tentacled octopus...uh, check?

Someone clearly graduated from the advanced class of how to be a force of evil with flying colors.

What do you think of this villain? Does Captain America stand a chance against this guy?

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