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Criminal Minds fans, the stars are answering your burning Q's! We just hit the set of the show (for the filming of episode 20) and got answers from the stars. The number-one question was what's to come for boy genius Dr. Spencer Reid and BAU agent Ashley "new girl" Seaver. So do they have any chance of a future together?

Matthew Gray Gubler and Rachel Nichols break it down for you:

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Gubler tells us, "I doubt [that Reid would] hook up with Seaver. I know there is sort of some weird rule in the land of crime dramas where you can't have interteam romance. But as far as other romance [for Reid]? I would certainly hope so…I have no idea, tell the writers. Let them [work it out]."

For her part, Nichols tells us, "I have a lot of people on Twitter that ask me [if Reid and Seaver are going to hook up]. It goes one of two ways—and I'm kind of in a lose-lose situation! Either people say 'Yeah, Reid's going to get some' or people say 'Leave my Reid alone.' [They say,] 'Ashley Seaver, you're fine, but if you touch Reid [hand-slits-throat gesture].' So, clearly, you can't please all the people all the time!"

Nichols continues, "Shemar Moore always says, 'We don't have time for love on this show. We have to solve crime. We have to find unsubs. No real time for romance.' So it would be a surprise to me if [the writers] actually decide to go that route. Not that I wouldn't absolutely welcome it, of course. But like I said, they don't tell me anything."

There you have it, Criminalistas. No Reid-Seaver sexytime soon. Sad? Happy? Indifferent? Hit the comments, and then check back on Monday in the spoiler chat for more Criminal Minds insight from the stars.

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