James Franco


The possibilities, admittedly, are endless.

The legions of armchair critics who were less than flattering about his Oscar night MC style? The actual critics who weren't much better? Nope! Instead, James Franco has decided to give a fellow student her 15 minutes of infamy by posting his less than complimentary ode to the Yale Daily News on Twitter.

So what was the student's offense? Believe it or not, it had absolutely nothing to do with his hosting skills, and everything to do with his…

Twitter page!

Here's the deal: on Saturday night—that's before his Academy Awards performance, mind you—Yale undergrad (and, more importantly, Yale Daily News writer) Cokey Cohen penned an article entitled "Franco, #getittogether," criticizing the actor on his ability to communicate in 140 characters or less.

"James Franco," she wrote, "your Twitter sort of sucks."

The problem, apparently, was that Franco wasn't being as bullish, self-important, obnoxious, or unnecessarily capitalized as we've come to expect our celebritweeters to be. In other words, he needed to be more like Kanye West.

"He's a Celebrity Tweeter, which deserves all caps and necessitates a higher quality of meaningless, incessant electronic communication," she went on, saying that his tweets should aspire to match the "gold standard" set by Kanye.

"Also, James, please figure out Twitpic."

Well, ask and you shall receive, as last night Franco did nothing if not acquiesce to her request, posting a picture of himself alongside the scrawled on words "F--k you Yale Daily News."

It doesn't get much more random, antagonizing or pompous than that. In other words, Kanye would be so proud!

Which leads us to think this isn't a feud in the making at all. In fact, if anything, this seems to be yet another example of the ever game Franco simply granting a fan campus stalker fellow student her wish. And having a little fun in the process.

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