Christina Aguilera

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It's been a rough few months for Christina Aguilera and she may have hit a new low yesterday when she was arrested, along with boyfriend Matthew Rutler.

Matt was booked for driving under the influence while an "extremely" drunk Christina was arrested for public intoxication. Officers say she was taken in for her safety.

So is Camp Christina still insisting they have "no concern" about her drinking?

A few weeks ago we got word that Rutler was telling his friends he was getting worried about his girlfriend's boozing habits.

Apparently she was "drinking almost every night," according to our source, enough so that it was getting the attention of Matt.

Now that he is the one under investigation for a DUI, we may have a kettle-black-pot situation (we'll be curious to see what his alcohol level was).

However, when we talked with professional sources close to Christina back then, to see if they had the same concerns as her boyfriend, we were repeatedly assured Aguilera had "no drinking problem."

Are they saying the same now?

Christina's rep is totally mum and is not commenting on the whole situation. But other colleagues close to Xtina say their worries for the pop star are at an "all time high."

Friends of Aguilera's have been asking her to get help for a while, so we think it's about time her team step in and do the same.

It's pretty clear the blonde gal needs some help. Let's just hope she doesn't think she can "cure herself with her mind" at Charlie Sheen's Sober Valley Lodge.

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