Matthew Rutler, Mug shot

Los Angeles County Sheriff?s Department

Yes, we all know that Christina Aguilera was arrested this morning for public intoxication. But what do know about Matthew Rutler, her young boyfriend who was behind the wheel?

Well, beyond the fact that he originally met Xtina while toiling as a production assistant on Burlesque, there hasn't been a ton of info on him out there.

So here's a little primer of what you should know about her latest boy toy and drinking buddy:

1. He's a Jersey Boy: The 25-year-old hails from Wyckoff, New Jersey, where his parents still reside. But he didn't head for Hollywood right after high school. Matthew got his undergraduate degree from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. According to his Facebook page, he studied business and music.

2. Burlesque Wasn't His First Time at the Rodeo: He's only been working as a P.A. since 2009, but has built a pretty impressive IMDb résumé, with credits on The Town, The Social Network and Just Go With It.

3. He's a Music Man: Matthew is the lead singer and guitarist of The Nate Mott Band, which hails from New England. According to the band's site: "Not only does he have a captivating stage presence that ignites the crowd, but he also backs it up with fierce solos and an array of effects that provide a stylistic edge." But it sounds like his girlfriend comes before his guitar. The band put up an announcement saying Matt would be unable to perform in their latest shows in December 2010 due to "personal reasons." December of last year is also the time he and Christina began officially dating.

4. He's in the GOP: According to public records, Matt is registered as a Republican back in Jersey. No word on whether his move to California made him more of a liberal.

 5. They're Astrologically Compatible: Matthew, who turns 26 in April, is supposedly an Aries, while Xtina is a Sagittarius. "An instant rapport has these two impulsive, active fire signs in love in at first sight," one site says of this combination. Yep, that sounds about right!

—Additional reporting by Whitney English and Ashley Fultz

WATCH: Matt Rutler gets sprung from this morning

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