Leighton Meester, Garret Hedlund, Country Strong

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Dear Ted:
Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund were spotted together again yesterday at Chateau Marmont. Any details on what the two insanely hot young actors with sizzling chemistry were doing? Thank you!

Dear Hot Couple:
This certainly isn't the first post-awards party where the two have been inseparable. Flashback two months and these hotties were all over each other after the Golden Globes. These costars are so damn yum together, it's tough to say whether it's just a hook-up or they are heading towards something more. Let's hope for the latter-Garrett and Leighton are deliciously sexy.

Dear Ted:
Do we need to say the f-word on live TV? No, we do not. Show some class, this was not the time and place for it.
Louisa S-F

Dear Potty-Mouth Police:
Uh, I assume you're referring to the fabulously talented (and foul-mouthed) Melissa Leo, who won an Oscar for her role in The Fighter, and then accepted the award in obscenity-laced character? Two words: lay off! If Sunday night's Oscar show didn't desperately need some shocks and surprises, I don't know what did. Loosen up, L, they're just curse words!

Dear Ted:
I am sure I am not the only one that winced my way through the Oscars (I did read E!'s blog about the most awkward moments). It was truly difficult to see Anne Hathaway overcompensating for James Franco's lack of enthusiasm. It got me thinking... has there ever been a successful Oscar host?

Dear Yawning Over Oscars:
As I just said, completely agree, the Oscars this year were such a bore. But remember, this is the 83rd Academy Awards, they haven't flubbed it always in the past. Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, Alec Baldwin, not to mention a total nutso load of over-eager awardees like Cuba Gooding Jr., among countless others, have given us many a fab Oscar memory. Trust that there will be more in the future. But, must say, Hathaway did her best.

Dear Ted:
I was surprised not to see Blake Lively at any of the Oscar parties. Any word on why she didn't show?

Dear Buzzing About Blake:
Blake is a self-declared homebody and she doesn't frequent the party scene without a reason (must have nabbed all the men she currently wants). Chances are, the girl got tired like the rest of us and headed home. After all, this 23-year-old is one mellow Hollywood starlet!

Dear Ted:
I heard on a radio show in Chicago that Justin Bieber is out of control. It was even said that he is approaching Lindsay Lohan levels of out of control! Any truth to this? I'm not a Bieber fan but it's a shame to see yet another teenage star headed down this path.

Dear Believe in the Biebs:
I wouldn't worry too much about J.B. He was too busy cozying up to girlfriend Selena Gomez this weekend to even think about chugging champagne. This youngster is nowhere near the levels of LiLo, and he has some delicious arm candy to prove it.

Dear Ted:
Still stumped on King Schlong. Did he attend this year's Oscar ceremony? Also is he obvious with his cheating or does he try to appear faithful to his girlfriend?

Dear Smart Guesser:
Yes, he attended. And that's all I'm saying.

Dear Ted:
Why are people so concerned about Michael C. Hall being gay or not? The vibe I get from him is a "sexy" vibe.

Dear Gay-dar Alert:
M.H. is definitely as sexy as ever, both on and off screen. His wife did pull the plug on the marriage, but just because the dude hasn't had the time to date, doesn't mean he's in the closet. Hello, he was battling cancer; that certainly kept him off the market for a while.

Dear Ted:
What was with James "Tanco" Franco at the Oscars? He didn't even try! Poor Anne Hathaway gave it her all, I wish Hugh Jackman could have hosted with Anne. What are your thoughts Ted?
Oscar Fizzle

Dear Oscar Fizzle:
Completely agree, this year's Oscars were a total fail in the host department. And while Hugh did well in the past, that doesn't mean his chemistry would be on with Ms. Hathaway. Russell Brand would have been a much better choice. The reviews speak for themselves—the Academy def messed up with Franco, he practically put us to sleep before those cute kids started singing!

Dear Ted:
You haven't mentioned Rocky Trailer in ages... what's going on with RT? Is the Breaking Dawn set getting boring?

Dear Excuse Me?
Got boring ages ago! Rocky's cleaned up his act, doesn't get into nearly the amount of debauchery he used to, incredibly disappointing.

Dear Ted:
King me! Has new-to-the-scene Wilby Whiskers already dethroned Tobey Yum-Yum in Vicey hookups? Since young Hollywood is a painfully (or deliciously) small group, do they share more than a couple of ladies in common?
Jet Lagged Cowgirl

Dear Det. On a Horse:
No and no (but soon—on both scores—I'm certain).

Dear Ted:
I was watching The Other Boleyn Girl the other day and I started pondering. Natalie Portman is a Vicer, but what about Scarlett Johansson? Is she as innocent as she is in the movie?

Dear Are You Serious?:
You and Charlie Sheen must smoke the same herbs. Scarlett Johansson? Innocent?

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