Blind Vice diva

Darlings, if you're on overload from all the glitz yesterday, you're in luck! We've got some nice, down-home, dirty slut action for ya!

She-Devil Dees (who will get an Oscar nomination about as soon as I do, the little TV tramp) has been angling her latest conquest. Girl really does climb on top of dudes better than she does television roles, but hey, that's not so unusual in this town.

So who is She-Devil crowing loudly about this time—and what particular body part?

A stud from the hottest show in the world! Can you believe it?

We can, as we'd expect nothing less from SDD, who only likes to move on the hottest guys around. And she usually can, too, as her bod's totally bitchin'.

Since She-Devil's already tired of her latest bed conquests, it makes complete sense she's now succeeding in seducing a very talented (and cute) dude from the hit show.

They met in L.A. recently at a party, and true to form, Ms. Dees lost no time in taking him right home and ripping both their clothes off.

In a moment that's worth far more notice than most of She's oncamera performances, She-Devil breathlessly whispered to her new man: "You're about to f--k the p--sy that every guy in Hollywood wants."

Wow. Who writes this chick's dialog, Charlie Sheen?

Do straight guys actually go for that porn talk? Never mind. We already know the answer because said guy did...did again...and will do again.

Maybe he'll only stop when he realizes She-Devil's the one who's been calling the paparazzi, who just happen to be around, no matter how stealth they try to be?

Yep, that's what it's gonna take.

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