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It takes a team of talented experts to get stars ready to walk the red carpet—but there are some DIY hair styling secrets you can use to recreate that glamorous, fresh-from-the-salon look. Alli Webb, founder of L.A.'s blowout hotspot Drybar, shares her tips for achieving hair perfection, whether you're attending the Oscars or just getting together with friends.

Why do the pros always seem to do a better job than we can at home?
It can definitely be a challenge to blow out your own hair! Start off with a clarifying shampoo and super-light application of conditioner, mainly on the ends. Start in the front and make sure you work in very clean, small sections which will make it much easier to handle and control your hair.
Keep an iron on hand (large barrel curling iron or flat iron) to help smooth out any frizz that you missed in the blowout! And GO easy on product and always focus on applying it more to the ends, not the roots!

How long does it take to get great hair at home?
A pro can whip thru your hair pretty fast, but when doing it yourself it definitely takes longer. I have curly hair just past my shoulders... It takes me about 45 minutes if I do it section by section and make certain each section is completely dry and frizz-less. If you cut corners and go through with an iron after, you may be able to shave some time off.

What styles work best for the Oscars or a fancy night out?
You never want your hair to compete with your dress and/or jewelry. If you are going all out on the fashion, keep the hair simple. Loosely pulled back into a low bun. [Ed.'s note: Like Reese Witherspoon's gorgeous 2006 look!] Or loose, easy, subtle waves that don't distract.
If the dress is simple, I say glam up the hair a little.  I'm obsessed with this new Mai Tai (Drybar's sexy, messy, beach look) style we have been doing on a lot of clients. Messy waves but straighter ends. It's a really pretty and sexy look that is perfect for a simpler, more classic dress. Hair accessories are also fun to add on, such as an organza flower or jeweled headband.

Once you've achieved a great blowout, how do you make it last?
Dry shampoo can really help when your roots start to get oily and will give you an extra day or two to enjoy your fab blowout!

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