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Charlie Sheen: I'm Headed to Work Whether They Like It or Not; Show Insider: Good Luck With That

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TWO AND A HALF MEN, Charlie Sheen
TWO AND A HALF MEN, Charlie Sheen Greg Gayne/Warner Bros

And the texts keeping coming.

A defiant Charlie Sheen texted ABC's Good Morning America today, insisting he's 100 percent sober and is still planning to turn up for work next week on Two and a Half Men. This despite the fact that CBS and Warner Bros. Television shut down production for the rest of the season after the actor slammed the show's creator, Chuck Lorre—what appears to be the last straw in an ongoing, bitter feud.

Here's what Sheen had to say this morning.

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In a series of texts, the 45-year-old actor slammed Lorre as a "clown" and "loser." He also repeated what he told Radar Online yesterday—that he's in talks with HBO about headlining his own show called Sheen's Corner at $5 million per episode (think this is news to HBO execs?) and that he is willing to take a drug test on camera to prove he's clean.

Tough luck, says a source close to the production. Even if Sheen shows up, there won't be anything for him to do. Our Two and a Half Men insider says the set will be closed for the rest of the season and no one—Sheen included—will be getting paid. No determination has been made on whether TV's No. 1 comedy will remain shuttered beyond the four episodes left in the current season.

Yesterday, Sheen called into syndicated radio's The Alex Jones Show from the Bahamas, where he has been vacationing with ex-wife Brooke Mueller, new girlfriend Natalie Kenly and porn star Bree Olson.

LISTEN: Charlie's radio rant

During a rambling and bizarre rant, the tube superstar called Lorre by the Hebrew version of his name, Chaim Levine, which some felt was anti-Semitic. Sheen said he "violently hated" Lorre, also labeling his boss a "turd" and a "pussy punk that I'd never want to be like."

Within hours, CBS and Warner Bros. TV pulled the plug on Two and Half Men for the remainder of the season citing the "totality of Charlie Sheen's statements, conduct and condition."

In an open letter sent to TMZ after that announcement, Sheen remained unbowed, promising to kick "contaminated little maggot" Lorre's butt in an Ultimate Fighting cage match and urging fans to stand by Sheen to "right this unconscionable wrong."

Sheen also defended his new squeeze to GMA, insisting that Kenly is a graphic designer (not another porn star, as some wags have suggested, although she was named "Official Chronic Girl 2010" by the marijuana-loving magazine Cali Chronic X) whom he rescued, though it's unclear from what.

Asking if he were sober, Kenley told the morning show: "We don't use the word 'sober' in this house, we use 'clean,' and he is clean."

To which Sheen added: "I have 'mondo' gratitude for this life.," he wrote. "Life is a fantasy."

Enjoy it while it lasts, Charlie.

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